Introduction to Christianity is the first book of Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI that I have attempted to read. I started out writting a synopsis of my daily readings in order to implant them in my mind. So, here they are...

Monday, October 11, 2010

4 B. The Turn Toward Technical Thinking

The development of Technical Thinking has once again redefined the philosophic answer to what man can understand as truth. Since man cannot know God in the sense of putting him in a laboratory and proving his existence, indeed man cannot even understand totally all the facts of his present moment much less interpret the historical actions and reactions of which he has taken part, we come to this: attempting to know what we can create from the now into the future. Philosophically we have moved through seeking truth in the invisible to the allowing only what is visible, from searching the cause and effect of history in order to understand the now to find ourselves imagining that we can understand the future because it will be our creation.  We are called to make for ourselves our own truths, indeed, the world is to become what we imagine.  We see this already in that evolution has fallen into the past to be replaced in importance by the science of cybernetics or our ability to "plan" the new man. ( A pretty scary set of circumstances. By turning in on ourselves our view of Truth becomes smaller. Surly someone is noticing that the more we learn the less we know?)

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